Weird best friends.

The entire concept of this is skewed. I mean, until you reach the threshold of the transition from “Good friends” to “Best Friends”, everything is peachy.

They’re so fucking weird at times and so annoying. The endless drama, the endless talks and the endless bitching sessions. Sometimes you really feel like strangling them to death, taking away their belongings(and selling them, of course cuz Cash yo) and living a life of peace.

But then again, they’re also fun. Be it the quarrels over who gets the last bite, or helping them pathetic life decisions or just saying “Ask her out yo”. Meh. What would you do without them?

They’re idiots, but still, they’re YOUR idiots.

Stop smiling.



Let’s talk about dating.
Not my personal history of course. Go chop onions instead. *sob*

ACTUAAALY NO. I’ve seen people around me date. I eat a date. They go on a  date. I end up happy, albeit for a short time. They end up happy, albeit for a short time.

The poooint issss, it doesn’t matter. Nothing really matters. Single? Depressed? Together? Sad? Angry? Take one breath, picture an elephant jumping on a trampoline. Smile.

You won’t ever read my blog again, will you? Eyy.