She’s no longer yours.

Remembering her eyes, her smile, he finally mustered up some courage.

Brushing the dust of his yearbook, he found the number she’d written for him.
Eagerly, with trembling fingers, he sends her a text.

I’m married now… Read the reply.


That one friend.

To that one friend.
That annoying friend.That seemingly careless friend.
That “I-dont-care-about-anything” friend.
That pretentious friend.
That hilarious friend.
That weirdly intelligent friend.
That wanderlust filled friend.
That broke friend.
That always messy friend.
That melodramatic friend.
That cheesy af friend.
That high friend.
That smoking up friend.
That terrible-at-dating friend.
That dog-needing friend.
That friend who better treat after reading this.

That friend with great taste. (Ofc, they’re friends with you)
With oh, a RBF.


K bruh.

Why is everything so complicated.

Simplicit living is a forgotten way of living.

Why does everything need to be complicated?

From the “Lentils infused with a tinge of vinegar served with jus” to ” A 5MP front snapper with an octacore processor combined with the 1020Mah battery :Smartphone”.

Why do we need drama in our lives? To make it interesting? Maybe. Might be. Probably.

Why can’t everything be either black or white. WHY IS A GREY AREA REQUIRED.

You either like her, or you don’t. You either wanna go that party, or you don’t. You either wanna have lasagne for dinner, or you don’t.

You either want to live in a castle in Scotland, or you don’t. Actually no. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Why you should kill your friend.

Have you ever sat across the table from your friend and wondered what you can steal off them in case they died?

Erm, confession time. I have.
In face, I wonder quite loud. I always ask them what they’re worth. Not emotionally of course, they’re priceless. Yuck no. JK. I’ll find someone else.

“Sooo, your new phone. How much is it worth?”

“Sooo, your necklace. Platinum eh?”

“Your new scooter, you carry the keys with you all the time, right?”

“Your Bose headphones. Amazing right?”

They ridicule this. “Like you’d kill me” or “Like you’d let me die by the side of the road”. Nah. I wouldn’t. Or Would I? *evil laughter*

JK. I love your bitchy ass.


Stop Smiling.

Weird best friends.

The entire concept of this is skewed. I mean, until you reach the threshold of the transition from “Good friends” to “Best Friends”, everything is peachy.

They’re so fucking weird at times and so annoying. The endless drama, the endless talks and the endless bitching sessions. Sometimes you really feel like strangling them to death, taking away their belongings(and selling them, of course cuz Cash yo) and living a life of peace.

But then again, they’re also fun. Be it the quarrels over who gets the last bite, or helping them pathetic life decisions or just saying “Ask her out yo”. Meh. What would you do without them?

They’re idiots, but still, they’re YOUR idiots.

Stop smiling.