Why is everything so complicated.

Simplicit living is a forgotten way of living.

Why does everything need to be complicated?

From the “Lentils infused with a tinge of vinegar served with jus” to ” A 5MP front snapper with an octacore processor combined with the 1020Mah battery :Smartphone”.

Why do we need drama in our lives? To make it interesting? Maybe. Might be. Probably.

Why can’t everything be either black or white. WHY IS A GREY AREA REQUIRED.

You either like her, or you don’t. You either wanna go that party, or you don’t. You either wanna have lasagne for dinner, or you don’t.

You either want to live in a castle in Scotland, or you don’t. Actually no. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!



Let’s talk about dating.
Not my personal history of course. Go chop onions instead. *sob*

ACTUAAALY NO. I’ve seen people around me date. I eat a date. They go on a  date. I end up happy, albeit for a short time. They end up happy, albeit for a short time.

The poooint issss, it doesn’t matter. Nothing really matters. Single? Depressed? Together? Sad? Angry? Take one breath, picture an elephant jumping on a trampoline. Smile.

You won’t ever read my blog again, will you? Eyy.